“I used to be active, but life and age had me reduced to shuffling along. My back hurt, I needed a scooter to get around, and I thought this was my future. I had tried doctors and chiropractic to no avail. Then I tried Advanced CranioSacral Therapy. After working with Terry, my pain disappeared, my energy and strength have increased phenomenally, and I am walking again. I feel 20 years younger.”      - 84-year-old client

"Fortunately I don't have chronic pain, but occasionally, when my back hurts or hip is sore, I make an appointment with Terry."      - Active Senior Citizen

"The results I experienced with Terrence were immediate and dramatic. He is highly intuitive, physically talented, and emotionally generous, with profound natural healing powers. It's more than a stress reliever, it gets to the source of the pain... If one can perform without the burden of physical and mental tension, then one can perform at optimal levels."      - Musician / Conductor

"I could barely open my mouth. My dentist said my only alternative was $30,000 worth of oral surgery. Within three treatments, Terry was able to release my jaw. I am grateful that he has given me this relief and would recommend him to anyone experiencing pain."      - Former City Commissioner

"Compared to other CranioSacral treatments I've received, the results I got from Terry are much faster and much deeper. Terry's strong, healing touch gets to the "well point" quicker. He has helped me with pain from extensive dental work and I would recommend him to anyone suffering form any kind of pain."      - Licensed Massage Therapist / Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Student

"When I first visited Terry, I was taking 75 milligrams of a prescription drug to relieve debilitating headaches caused by a concussion seven years ago. After just four treatments, the amount of medication I needed was reduced to half of my headaches were no longer severe. My body felt balanced and I no longer needed nine or ten hours of sleep at night. I felt I got my life back."      - Writer / Marketing Executive

"Both of my rotator cuffs were injured in separate incidents. For 10 years, I was unable to raise or rotate my arms to complete simple tasks such as emptying a pot of pasta water. Terry worked on them twice and I have regained full range of motion."      - Business Consultant

"To say that Terry is gifted healer, is truly an understatement! In just two sessions my sciatica pain was gone. I had previously been exposed to CranioSacral Therapy, but since discovering Terry's work, I have learned that there is a big difference between a casual practitioner and one who has dedicated their entire healing practice to the methodology. Terry has highly developed intuitive skills that guide him throughout the session to bring about the healing your body is asking for. It is a pleasure and privilege to be under Terry's artful care."      - Retail Business Owner

"My 15-year-old daughter was suffering from almost constant dizziness and frequent headaches.  After seeing Terry twice, the dizziness and headaches were gone and she can't believe how good she finally feels . "My body used to be all jammed and locked up and now I am free".  She liked Terry right away.  He is a compassionate healer who gave her immense relief.   Anyone with pain should see him."      - Student's Mother

"Several years ago when biking, I fell and broke my pelvis.  The bone healed, but I continued to have muscle pain and less range of motion. After several treatments with Terry, my pain was completely gone, and my range of motion was back to normal.  Now, when my back hurts or hip is sore from biking, kayaking, or working in my yard, I make an appointment with Terry. His wise hands gently manipulate the fascia around my muscles and mysteriously the pain goes away.  I always feel so much better after a visit to Terry's office.     - Writer

"After numerous failed attempts, I was skeptical of trying another method of alternative medicine; however, Terry's intuitiveness and expertise instantly put my skepticism to rest.  The improvement I experienced with CranioSacral Therapy was unprecedented.  Terry listened to my concerns, and his personalized attention immediately honed in on my "problem" areas without being invasive. When I left each session, I was able to walk taller, breathe more deeply and was in a complete state of relaxation.  I was also able to practice my instrument for longer periods of time without the distraction of pain. In addition to relieving my back pain, the sessions enhanced my physical and mental well-being."      - University of Florida Student, Music Therapy

"I have experienced such quick transformation since starting working with Terry, from trauma from a concussion and head injury, exhaustion, and over-worked muscles and central nervous system to so much more ease and comfort, I notice there isn't an area of my life I'm not feeling more relief in. My first appointment with him was a birthday gift from a friend; I haven't stopped suggesting him to everyone I meet ever since."      - Performing Artist

"Terry, I am so appreciative of our work together.  I healed in ways that I have needed to for decades.  With you, I felt safe enough to go there in order to release what no longer serves me.  After 20 years of pain, I am regularly lying on and sleeping on my back.  The pain is exponentially better.  Sleeping on my back is helping to re-align my teeth.  My teeth are also majorly improved.  Our work together has also allowed me to avoid a root canal.  I thank you for your magic hands, respect for my process and for being one of the kindest human beings I've known."      - Animal Communicator

"As a professional ballet dancer, being able to have the greatest range of movement without any pain is imperative. After working with Terry, I was able to see immediate increase in my range of motion and the injury was significantly less painful. I was able to continue my dancing without any surgery or time off!"      - Professional Ballet Dancer

 Letters From Clients

I came into Terry's office as a last resort of 5 weeks of extreme tightness in my back and neck that were keeping me from being able to stand straight and were forcing my jaw back into my neck.  Stretching did not help.

After one 2-hour session with Terry my posture has gone back to normal. My face feels freer, including a more relaxed smile. I am able to breathe deeper than I have in years. I have a lot more energy and space to feel happy. It has been almost a month and all the positive changes have remained.  I feel wonderful.  Thank you so much.
Due to an auto accident, I experienced pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulder.  Although I did bodywork and physical therapy, a year and a half later I found that my freedom of movement was still limited.  I was in tremendous pain and was unable to continue my yoga practice business. 

After my first CranioSacral session with Terry, I felt tremendous relief from the pain I had been experiencing. Terry listened deeply to my whole body, guiding him to free energy flows in all the blocked areas. His healing hands seemed to melt away constrictions and I immediately felt more circulation and energy flow to the affected areas.

The session seemed to "boost" how I felt overall, in addition to helping my main complaint. I appreciate his genuine support and interest in my well-being. After a few sessions with Terry, I was amazed at how much better I was feeling.

I knew I was in the right hands and finally felt hopeful that I would be able to be pain free and restore my yoga practice.

Hello sweet friend,

I'm feeling so much better from the session I had with you...  My feet felt like babies feet the day after, and I got so much done that day with no pain.  I felt a great relief in my hips, they haven't felt this good in years.  I'm really enjoying the new found relief. 

This was my second session with Terry and I felt some major things happening.  Not to say that I didn’t feel a great deal from the first visit but I knew the work I needed was emotional.  The first visit was an introduction and intended to work on my stress levels and tension in my neck.  The second visit was intended to work on the emotional traumas that I have been working on releasing for the past 8 years or so.  It was about that long ago when I went through some major traumas that continued for a very long 10 month time period. 

It was a series of personal traumas that happened in such fast sequence I had no time to recover from one before the next hit.   At the time, the only thing getting me out of the house was work and caring for my mother. This eventually led to deep depression and the very long road to recovery. 

I have had other emotional energy work done which I know helped me a little a long the way.  I believe each body mind therapy can bring healing, even if it is subtle and small changes.   But as I was experiencing this one hour session, I could feel this was going to be a big change for me. 

 It just felt like the energy was flowing down my legs and out and over my toes.  There were times that my toes seem to be melted from the speed of the energy as it was flowing down my body, not heat but just the movement.  Like friction without the heat?  It may sound silly to some of you but it was very real.  The emotional energy release also rushed to my heart and into my throat; this was so strong tears welled up.  I didn’t feel sad though, I was able to allow myself to just be present with where I was. 

All this work was within the hour and although it was only a short time ago.  I know it was what my spirit, body and mind needed to move me forward.  Today I feel a bit lighter as I go through my day, and understand that it will take time to realize all that this work will accomplish. 

Thank you, Terry.

My first winter season sessions with Terry were a relief from discomfort and pain.  On my recovery path from my stroke, my body as it was re-wiring the brain/nervous system needed help.  It knew how to tighten but not loosen (let go).  Terry was able to find and release back to normal constrictions which caused me to not feel like moving.

Now stroke recovery is all about moving.  As you place a demand on the body you create the signals for rebuilding, for making new synapses, for learning how to regain your mobility.  Regaining my comfort allowed me to go back out and move and encourage my body to move.

I went back to Indiana to continue working on my own.  With more hope and more determination.  I succeeded to improve so much that by the next November when I saw Terry again, he commented how much more alive I looked.

In my second winter season more sessions with Terry I again experienced relief.  I can not prove it was Terry's work on me but this time within a month of being back home in Indiana I experienced such large mobility gains I had to seek local help to manage my discomfort.  It was as if the stroke effected left side of my body was coming back online in large blocks.  More warmth on my left side, better leg control, new internal muscles being used and new coordination abilities.

I've been to several CranioSarcal practitioners and experienced many types of body work therapies.  At the time of this improvement I was not doing any other treatments.  Both times after seeing Terry for abut 2 months of sessions I experienced my largest gains in recovery.  I do not expect Terry to heal me, but I do attribute his contributions to my recovery thus far as important assists.  Assists that were invaluable and of vital importance to my recovery so far.
What I can say with complete confidence, is that the work I experience with Terry is somehow significantly different from the work bodywork I've experienced with other CranioSacral practitioners.

So far I've talked in general terms, our culture seems to value statements that are more provable.  With that in mind, after my first 2 months of work with Terry, in the next 2 months, I went from walking to the mailbox to walking 3 city blocks to Goodwill to get used books and back home.  After my second 2 months of work with Terry, in the next 2 months, I went from being able to barely move my left arm and hold small items to shaking the popcorn pan (I still do it the old fashioned way) and holding the pillowcase so I could drop the pillow in.  Neither of which was a function I could do before.  Neither happened overnight and still required my own PT type workouts to regain, but in both cases these gains were much larger than previous months of doing the same amount of PT work.

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