Frequently Asked Questions...

What Is Advanced CranioSacral Therapy (ADVCST)?

Advanced CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, whole body therapy done with the client fully clothed lying on a massage table. Treatment consists of gentle holding techniques that engage the body's natural ability to release restricted connective tissue muscle, and fascia.  Pain dissipates and range of motion increases as these tissues release.  With the reduction of the drag on the cranial/spinal system, the result is greater energy flow and stronger, healthier muscles.

How Soon Will I Experience Relief?

Most clients experience measurable improvement during the first treatment. Depending on severity, the symptoms and underlying problems are often relieved in four to twelve sessions. Treatments typically last 90 minutes.

How is CranioSacral Different From Other Therapies?

CranioSacral Therapy accesses the body at a much deeper level than other therapies. Where other therapies treat only symptoms, CranioSacral Therapy rapidly relieves symptoms while naturally accessing the source of the problem, whether physical or emotional pain.

How Does CranioSacral Therapy Restore Balance & Well-Being?

Many healthcare professionals recognize that tissue in the body holds a person's physical and emotional history. These experiences form patterns of tension, which often appear as pain in the neck, shoulder, back, or a specific location where an injury has occurred. Sometimes CranioSacral Therapy can bring subconscious memories of accidents or emotional traumas to the surface. Through non-invasive techniques these ingrained emotions can be resolved and released from the body, thus freeing it to reach emotional and physical balance and well-being.

Terry Grywinski working on a client of Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

 "Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

relieves symptoms while accessing

the source of the problem,

whether physical or emotional pain."

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